Choix Consultant makes history as oldest player to retain top 10 place

Choix has created a little piece of history in the Professional Squash World with Choix Consultant Madeline Perry stealing the headlines in the latest World rankings.


The list published by the Women’s Squash Association (WSA) ranks Perry as the oldest player in history to retain a place in the women’s world top ten.

Madeline celebrated her 37th birthday in February, two months after winning the Irish National Championship for a record 14th time. The Banbridge woman slipped one place to ninth in the latest rankings from the Women’s Squash Association.

Madeline, who in December won a record 14th Irish National Championship title, joined the WSA World Tour in July 1998. After securing a career-high world No3 ranking in April 2011, and reaching 27 WSA World Tour finals and winning 11.

Madeline explained “I am proud to still be competing at such a high level and with the best players in the world”.

“I think I am playing so well at an older age firstly because I trained very little as a kid, went to university, and only after that trained seriously as a professional”.

“I also have been very particular about planning my training as a professional, not over-training and using physiotherapy regularly to keep my body in good shape,” added the WSA star who has been selected to make a remarkable fifth successive appearance for Northern Ireland in the quadrennial Commonwealth Games in August in Scotland.

Madeline is one of a number of high profile sports personnel who are Consultants with Choix, including ex-International footballers Robbie Savage, John Hendrie and former Yorkshire cricket captain Anthony McGrath, together with former Head of Nike and ex-Scottish International Jim Pearson. Other sports consultants are from the world of horse recing, rugby, golf and tennis.

Jim Pearson said “Madeline’s knowledge of squash is second to none and provides real industry knowledge in a sport we believe will develop in a major way in the next few years, as well as, supplements and supports the expertise and industry knowledge we already have within Choix. It is important to have people who have “achieved” in their chosen sport at the highest level and who know the nuts and bolts of sport, to ensure our advice and service is based upon thinking inside and outside the court for clients at all times”.

Pearson added, “To be able to provide the best possible services the advice has to be panoramic, not one dimensional”.

Choix offers a whole range of bespoke services to the sports, entertainment and media sectors further details which can be found at

The Future is not always Bright!

As the season comes to an end, hundreds of players are suddenly faced with the realisation that their careers could be heading the same way, as an estimated 700 players could be released by their clubs to face an uncertain future.


England may seem to be the land of plenty for Premier League players with massive salaries, mansions, swimming pools and Bentleys to boot, but as the season ends and a new one starting in a few months, life as a footballer is not all it’s cracked up to be for many professionals who are now without a contract and having to face Exit Trials to show what they can do!

It is a worrying statistic and shows the game is no longer immune to the player cull each season. If you believe the newspapers, the World Cup in Brazil will be a hive of activity for players, agents and dealmakers all touting for moves away from clubs to join rivals either at home or abroad. But there is a serious flip side to the celebrity world the top players live in.

Spare a thought for the hundreds of fellow professionals who are facing up to life in the new season without a team to play for. According to some reports there are likely to be over 700 footballers out of work when preparation for the new season begins in July. It will include trophy laden footballers all the way down to trainees who have not been able to turn that experience into a professional contract. There are, as reflected in everyday life, now clear distinctions between football’s haves and have-nots with new Uefa and economic conditions biting players hard.

Football is no longer immune to what is happening in the outside world and while there are no doubt the very top players are multi millionaires that are certainly not the case in the divisions of the Football League or the Conference. In the lower divisions the average contract is just one year, and sometimes it can be a rolling monthly contract.

The out-of-work footballer is not a new phenomenon – and some players become voluntarily out of contract as they seek lucrative new deals – but football seems to be re-aligning itself to cope with the more ‘austere’ times as a result of the FFP Rules. It has always been competitive and players have always have been very vulnerable.

However there should be a great incentive for the powers that be, to prepare players for this and a system where they are not suddenly thrown on the scrap heap. The economic downturn over the last five years that has seen unemployment escalate among the general population has also hit the world of football hard, and many high-profile footballers are now bracing themselves for a life outside the game, while many teenagers have had their dreams destroyed as football clubs tighten the purse strings.

It seems that many footballers now appreciate the harsh reality and are under no illusions how difficult it is to secure new employment due to the wider issues.

It is now generally accepted that most clubs outside the top five or six in England are feeling the pinch which is making things tougher than ever for professional footballers to secure work.

So as another season draws to an end and a new season dawns we will hear, read and see the hive of transfer activity, as well as the obscene amounts of money involved, however, as in “normal life”, there is always those who have fallen by the way side but still in search of the dream.

John Hendrie

Choix Consultant

One Choice One Team