The British Tennis Debacle continues despite Davis Cup Success

It is a pity that having finally won the Davis Cup and the joy and celebration that should follow we are once again going down the route of attacking the LTA.


Not that they don’t deserve it with the millions they have spent and the millions they have wasted but we know from past experience it has no effect on them and more importantly no affect on the state of the game in our country. Most of the articles, stories, claims and counter-claims recently published could and have been written anytime in the past 25 years.

The problem is with the vast wealth they are offered by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) and the position that gives them to raise more money on top of the monopoly afforded them by Government and Government Agencies and Bodies gives them an unpreportionate amount of control and influence on the game which they have used and abused for far too long.

Maybe now is the time for all those people who criticise the LTA and those within it to come up with positive ideas and suggestions rather than just highlighting was has gone wrong in the past? Maybe we should join together to voice our opinions and offer genuine alternatives to Government, Sport England and the ultimate paymasters the AELTC.

Tennis is our sport, our game, our social life, our livelihood our passion, the LTA do not have monopoly on this, they do not own the game, they should act as caretakers of the sport looking after the game today and for the future. We have as much responsibility, if not the financial clout, to grow the game and to look after the sport. In which other industry does everyone rely on one body and then simply criticise that body if something doesn’t work. None that I am aware of !

On the back of the Davis Cup heroics now is the time for action, let’s stop looking to the LTA for answers, let’s start looking at how we can solve the problems ourselves. If everyone that criticised from players to coaches, clubs and parks, parents, tournament officials and club committees did something positive whether or not it fitted the LTA agenda or not then how much healthier would the sport be.

Don’t moan anymore, don’t criticise, don’t accept the position we are in. If you have an idea, a suggestion, a new programme or initiate don’t wait, don’t care what other people think, take ownership and as one great sporting giant would tell you “Just Do It”

If you feel you wish to have a greater say or support the role of the RPT, the World’s #1 Tennis Coaching Organisation, with regard to a louder voice for change, go to, , @RPTeurope 

Adrian Rattenbury – Sports Consultant and Head of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT)