What is Choix?

Choix provides support and a range of professional services to current and future talent and organisations from the worlds of sport, entertainment and media.

We know that every person and every situation is unique.

For us, one size certainly does not fit all and we offer a highly bespoke service whereby you select the specific services you require, confident in the knowledge that your affairs are being handled by individuals with unsurpassed experience and resources.

From legal and financial advice to media training and PR & press guidance, Choix takes care of all the key areas demanded by its exclusive client base, allowing individuals in the sport and entertainment arenas to concentrate on what’s most important – their careers.

Whilst major management companies are able to provide their clients with full professional services, many professionals from the sports and entertainment arenas are left to rely on ad hoc advisers when making important decisions about their careers.

The partners in Choix are able to offer a high quality service on a par to the major management companies but on an independent basis.

Equally, if you already have professional representation, our unique proposition aims to provide an enhanced support mechanism to complement those services offered by your current agent or representative.