Why use Choix?

We believe that professionals in the sports and media world benefit from impartial and qualified guidance from consultants across key areas such as legal advice, wealth management, tax, insurance, communication skills, dealing with the media and marketing their personal brand.

Our clients are all at differing stage of their professional careers but one thing unites them all – the value they place on the services they can access through Choix.

Here are just a few quotes backing up the need for quality guidance from true specialists in their fields:

“There are good agents. Every player needs advice at some stage and young ones might need representation, although I would direct them to a contract lawyer and a financial adviser, professionals who charge by the hour rather than someone who takes a percentage of your salary or a fixed fee

Gary Neville (February 2013)

“There are a lot of myths about football agents. The first is that you need a personal knowledge of football. No, you need to know who to ask, and work with people who can advise on specialist subjects like marketing, sponsorship, legal issues or finances”

Clifford Bloxham (August 2013)

“Players need good advice and good accountants – but they don’t need people taking hundreds of thousands of pounds off of them.”

Gary Neville (February 2007)