Choix Services


Like everything Choix do, our international strategy is rooted in providing the best service to you. We have a trusted global network of leading independent Law firms, Accountants and other professional advisors in the Sports, Entertainment and Media sectors.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you want to achieve, we will manage your interests using the best lawyers and advisors for the job. If you have established advisers you like working with, we’ll work and advise alongside them as a team working in your best interests at all times.

All our legal, financial, accounting and other professional services and commercial experience will be at your fingertips.

Our expertise has increasingly become more sophisticated, with the growth of cross border and international matters and issues in the Sports, Entertainment and Media sectors.

Choix can offer the relevant professional sector advice relaying to the UK in conjunction with immediate co- reference to other experienced and trusted professionals abroad.

Our expertise has also been sought in relation to overall financial settlement, asset protection, and advice in relation to the likely orders of English courts in cases where assets are situated worldwide and often in complex offshore trusts and companies.

Providing an unrivalled and invaluable knowledge of international policies and expertise in their relevant countries, we can help on everything from legal issues on arriving in a country to the acquisition of property and the general day to day running of your interestd on foreign soil.