Choix Services

Professional Mentoring in Sport and Entertainment

The benefits of mentoring in all walks of life are well documented but are particularly important in the professional sports and entertainment industry. A professional mentor will draw inspiration from their own experiences and help you to identify your realistic personal goals. In your chosen profession you will be exposed to many different people and sometimes it’s difficult to know who to trust. The aim of our mentors is to provide key support functions with no personal gain, other than to see you confident in your ability to perform.

The support is not structured but will be guided by you and your requirements, it may include the following;

  • enhance your reputation by highlighting your potential strengths and building your own confidence
  • providing the right level of exposure in order that you can develop long term relationships and therefore potentially greater advancement opportunities
  • introducing you to new professionals
  • coaching by providing knowledge, productive feedback and guidance to develop relevant skills
  • protection mechanism to shield you from taking on too many responsibilities and help cushion the mistakes
  • challenge you both personally and professionally

Our mentors are “ex” or current professionals and are happy to share their experiences with you, whether that is simply to share ideas with, to ask for second opinions, to ask advice or just be at the end of the phone.