Choix services

Website, social media and digital marketing services

With the dizzying pace of technological innovation and adoption, it’s easier than ever for people to find out what they want, when they want and engage with their chosen brand on their terms.

And as a successful individual in your chosen field, shaping your online profile is of vital importance in shaping public perception.

For us, the fundamentals of good marketing remain the same. We believe it’s about strengthening your personal brand and making it visible to the people who matter, whether they are fans or future business contacts, key influencers or colleagues.

We work with people in high profile industries to develop your online presence and lever the power of technology to help shape the image you want to portray and will then determine the most effective channel for the delivery of that message.

As you are eminently visible in the online world, we can ensure that you have a presence which establishes who you are, what you do and provides a professional platform for all your communication, whether that is delivered through a website, a Twitter profile or a series of email newsletters.

Services provided include:

  • Website design

An online brochure, a place for you to post your news, a photo gallery, a hub for all social media activities ….. a website can be all of these things, and so much more.
Our starting point is to understand your online presence in all its forms and then determine the most appropriate content for your site.
With high expectations around rich online experiences, we can ensure that the website is beautifully crafted whilst also recognising the importance of how the site looks across a range of mobile, tablet and PC devices.

  • Social media strategy

What do you want to get out of social media; what’s your ultimate objective? We will work with you to determine the most appropriate social media channels and how they all work together to deliver a cohesive brand image.
Even if you’re a seasoned tweeter, your Facebook page has tens of thousands of likes, or you’re receiving plenty of visits to your website, we can examine how it all works together and whether it aligns with what you want social media to deliver for you.

  • Social media execution

On a very practical level, we can guide you on issues such as recommended frequency of social media usage, how to use it as a platform for outgoing communication and equally how you can engage with influencers and fans.  Not forgetting of course, how you manage this highly visible world and steer clear of the controversies many others have fallen foul of.
Our highly bespoke training sessions can take you from initial set-up of social media IDs through to the use of social media tools for more time efficient management of your social media presence.

  • Digital marketing campaigns

Recognising there are a multitude of digital channels out there, and that we all have different preferences on how we want to engage, we can guide you on further activity, such as email newsletters, establishing affiliate programmes so that social media can begin to deliver commercial returns and online advertising.

  • Online influencer engagement campaigns

Who are the people to want to engage with? On a very specific level, we can help you to identify the influencers within your industry and position yourself appropriately. Whether it’s a specific club or sporting body, a broadcast organisation, or legions of fans and followers, we can help you shape your activity accordingly.