Premiership Rugby gets it’s thinking Cap on; ‘Player Drain’ to blame?

England’s early World Cup exit comes at a difficult time for English rugby union.

An increasing number of players are being lured away to France’s Top 14 league, where the salary cap is significantly higher than that of the Premiership rugby clubs’. To combat this, Premiership Rugby has put in place a programme for steadily raising the salary cap from the current £5 million a year to £7 million in the 2017/18 season.
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Court shows ultimate red card

Pub players be aware and watch your tackle, as Footballer jailed for intentionally breaking opponent’s leg.

Football is known for being a physical, contact sport and injuries are common place however, many who regularly turn out for their Sunday league teams will have been astounded by the case of a player, Nathaniel Kerr, being jailed for one year as a result of a violent tackle. The general issues of the case are similar to the case some five years ago of Mark Chapman vs. Terry Johnson, where Chapman was convicted for Grievous Bodily Harm and jailed for six months.
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Madeline Perry – back from Borneo!

Hello Everyone!

A few months ago many people were kind enough to sponsor me and support me to carry out some charity work as a project manager in Borneo with Raleigh International. I thought it would be interesting for my sponsors to have some feedback on the trip and I have put together the following blog.

I announced my retirement from professional squash at the Irish Open at the end of April. Having had a tough year I was ready to start a new career and move on from my life as a professional squash player. I had some ideas about what I would like to do next, quite possibly in coaching, but I felt it would be a good time to head off and do something different, completely away from the world of squash, and charity work sounded very appealing.
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