Types of Sports Can Also Relieve Migraine

4 Types of Sports Can Also Relieve Migraine

Headaches next to migraine alias do not always have to be overcome by taking pain medication. Try occasionally to do unusual ways to get rid of migraines, for example by exercise. Investigate a calibration, some types of exercise turned out to be effective enough to relieve migraine pain. What are some examples?

Various types of exercise to relieve migraines

When a migraine attack, exercise may be the last thing that will cross your mind. In fact, exercise can help relieve migraines in many ways.

Here are some types of exercise that you should do when a migraine:

1. Aerobic/cardio training

Launch The Migraine Trust page, mild aerobic exercise is the right choice to eliminate stubborn migraines.

Because the movements in aerobic exercise will flex your neck and back and train you to breathe more regularly.

Migraines can limit your activities. So, choose an aerobic exercise that is easy to do first.

For example, walking, swimming, jogging, or cycling. Do it regularly for 6 weeks and see if migraine complaints decrease.

2. Yoga

Yoga can make the body feel fit, provide calm, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce pain.

All of these benefits help the body recover from conditions that cause stress and pressure, including migraines.

Among the many poses found in this sport, there are some that are considered the most effective in removing migraines. These poses include child’s pose, bridge pose, downward-facing dog, and corpse pose.

3. Strength training (strength/resistance training)

The benefits of strength training are not limited to building large muscles.

This exercise can also relieve migraines by strengthening the neck, back, and shoulder muscles. The muscles in this area are often tense due to sitting too long.

In addition, strength training can also improve blood circulation and train you to breathe effectively.

Thus, the brain will always get enough oxygen so that migraine complaints can be reduced.

4. Stretch head, neck, and shoulders

Mild exercise such as stretching is very effective to eliminate migraines due to stiff and tense neck muscles. Here are some examples of stretching that you can do:

– Turning your shoulders back while bringing the two shoulder blades closer.
Keep your head down so that your eyes are on the floor, then turn your head in a circle until you reach the starting position.
– Spread your arms out to the sides, then bend your elbows and hold your ears. Still in that position, move your shoulders so that the two shoulder blades are close together.
– Look right so you can look back. Then, lower your chin to near your shoulder. Repeat on the left side.
– Extend both hands as if to embrace, then stick both hands and hook his fingers. After that, keep your head down for a few seconds.

Exercise not only makes the body feel fit but can also eliminate complaints related to pain such as migraines.

However, make sure you choose a fairly mild exercise because the body’s ability is certainly reduced when migraines hit.

Always do a warm-up before exercising and cool down afterward. Don’t forget to rest and drink more water.

If the migraine gets worse, take a break and try to consult a doctor.

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