Sports Mistakes That Will Make You Look Old

5 Sports Mistakes That Will Make You Look Old

Exercise has so many health benefits. This activity is not even just healthy but also proven to delay premature aging of body cells. However, all this depends on the exercise technique you are doing. Instead of feeling fit, some mistakes in exercise can actually make you look old fast.

Mistakes in sports that can make you look old

Regular exercise is a good start towards a healthy lifestyle. However, have you exercised the right way? Here are some mistakes that need to be avoided so that exercise does not make you grow old fast:

1. Exercising with the wrong posture

Applying proper posture when standing, sitting, to exercising is very important.

This is because posture will affect the shape of the spine. Incorrect posture during exercise can make your back bend.

This is a mistake in sports that ultimately makes someone look older. So, try to always apply good posture when exercising.

If necessary, you can ask the instructor to help correct your posture in every move.

2. Not resting

Without adequate rest, excessive exercise can actually increase cortisol production in the body.

Cortisol is a hormone produced when the body is under stress. Increased cortisol will also increase blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar then undergoes a series of processes that produce waste in the form of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs).

AGEs can bind to collagen fibers and reduce their flexibility. As a result, premature blotches and wrinkles occur that make you look older.

Therefore, do not force yourself to continue to exercise when the body starts to feel tired. Do not let mistakes in this sport actually make you look older than usual.

3. Immediately do strenuous exercise

Another mistake in sports that makes you look old is to do the strenuous exercise right away.

Doing strenuous exercise without preparation can disrupt organ function and chemical reactions in your body. Everything happens because the body is not ready to face sudden changes in activity patterns.

When faced with strenuous activity, the body produces compounds called cytokines. Cytokines in large quantities can have a negative impact.

Various effects include damaging body tissues, disrupting immune function, and slowing the recovery process.

4. Only focus on cardio

Cardio exercises are very effective for burning calories. When calories from carbohydrates and fat are gone, the body will switch to burning calories from a protein found in muscles.

This condition gradually decreases muscle mass and makes it look slack.

In sports, this one mistake is rarely realized. Though its effects can make you look old fast.

To prevent this, complete your cardio training with muscle endurance training. For example by lifting weights or using a dumbbell.

5. Not training body strength

Strength (power) is the body’s ability to expel great energy in a quick time.

Ranging from simple activities such as crossing the road to using heavy equipment when exercising all require strength.

Strength can decrease with age. If you don’t practice it, your body’s muscles won’t be able to release the same strength a few years from now.

So, try exercising your strength with push-ups, lunges, squats, and similar moves.

It can be concluded that the factors that make you look older are not only lack of exercise, but also exercise in the wrong way.

In fact, some of these mistakes have often been made unknowingly. For that, try to see again how you exercise so far.

Continue to perfect your posture, get enough rest, and do a variety of exercises so that the body gets the optimal benefits.

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