Reasons You Easily Tired When Sports

7 Reasons You Easily Tired When Sports

Exercise must be an activity that makes the body fresher and fitter. However, for certain conditions, exercise can make you very helpless, even easily tired when you do so you decide to stop. If you feel it later, maybe some of the following explanations could be the reason.

Because you are tired when you exercise.

Sometimes the body feels very tired when exercising, while you don’t know the exact cause. This sometimes happens due to health factors, food consumed, or lack of rest.

Usually, some trigger factors can cause fatigue to appear more than usual. Therefore, know the cause of your fatigue when exercising.

1. Not enough rest.

How many hours do you usually sleep at night? The Indonesian Ministry of Health recommends adequate sleep time of at least 6-8 hours. If it’s less than that, maybe that’s why you get tired easily when you exercise.

When the body does not get enough rest, the hormone cortisol will increase. This can trigger stress and inhibit the body’s recovery from stress.

This can cause prolonged fatigue. One way to reduce stress in order to get good quality sleep is by meditation.

A study from JAMA Internal Medicine found that mindfulness meditation can improve your sleep quality. Especially for someone who often experiences sleep disorders.

2. Having a thyroid condition.

Easily tired from running out of energy during exercise, it might be because your thyroid has a problem. According to the American Thyroid Association, 1 in 8 women experiences thyroid disorders.

The thyroid hormone itself has an important role in regulating the body’s metabolism. This hormone can change food as energy.

Low thyroid hormones can cause your body to get tired easily because the body cannot produce energy from food.

An easy way to overcome them through the consumption of zinc, selenium, and iron. This mineral can be obtained from seaweed, eggs, fish, and table salt.

3. Dehydration

Lack of body fluids is another cause of your fatigue when you exercise. Dehydration causes the body to lack blood volume.

As a result, when exercising, the heart will beat faster and stronger to meet the nutritional and oxygen needs of muscles.

Plus, the body will release a lot of fluid through sweat. The body loses’ electrolyte fluid. If the intake of fluid is not enough, the body gets tired easily when doing physical activity.

4. The body lacks carbohydrates.

Another reason why you are tired when you exercise is that your body lacks carbohydrates. If you reduce carbohydrate intake in a diet program, you should think first before exercising.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source. Carbohydrates will be broken down into glucose which can form energy.

Although the body can take energy from fat and protein, carbohydrate intake can make you more easily energized.

5. Iron deficiency.

If the body lacks iron, the body will automatically get tired easily. Especially during menstruation, the body releases a lot of iron in the blood.

A low amount of iron can reduce oxygen levels circulating in the body. This also has an impact on the reduced energy in the muscles and brain.

You can get iron from a variety of foods, such as chicken and fish, lentils, beans, beets, broccoli, and green vegetables.

6. Don’t give the body time to rest.

Not giving rest to the body can be one of the reasons you are tired when exercising. When the body’s muscles are tired, it’s a sign that the body is stressed.

Exercising can increase oxidative stress and can have an impact on tissue damage. If you force your body to keep exercising without resting, you could suffer a serious injury.

Extra fatigue due to excessive exercise can also cause serious mental health problems.

It would be better if you provide enough rest time for the body. At least the body needs to recover, two days a week.

7. The medicine you take.

Some medicines can cause you to get tired easily when you exercise. Launching the Live Strong page, beta-blockers can reduce blood pressure.

When you exercise, you will feel very tired when not enough blood is pumped to the brain and muscles because these drugs keep the heart rate from reaching a certain amount.

Statin drugs to reduce high cholesterol, also have the same effect. Statin drugs work in blocking coenzyme Q10, which makes nutrients for energy production in the body. Some people experience muscle cramps or extra fatigue when taking drugs.

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