The new celebration of Juventus striker Paulo Dybala

Apparently, This Is the Meaning of Paulo Dybala’s New Celebration

Paulo Dybala became the star of the victory when Juventus met Atletico Madrid in the Champions League group phase match on Wednesday (11/27/2019) early this morning. His goal that was created in the final minutes of the first half was scored through a free-kick.

The goal is somewhat difficult to do. Because not many goals can be created through his position. However, the Argentine national proved that he could do it.

Thanks to that, Juventus managed to come out as winners with a thin score of 1-0. With one match remaining and the distance of points far enough, we can be sure Juventus qualify for the last 16 with the top status of Group D.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid needs full points in the next match to ensure a place in the last 16. If not, they risk being overtaken by Bayer Leverkusen who clings from third place with just a point away.

Explanation of the Dybala Celebration Problem

After scoring a goal, Dybala did not show the celebration he used to do in previous matches. Yes, Dybala is known to have a ‘masked’ celebration known as the ‘Dybala-mask’.

Instead of doing that, he just put two fingers on his chin. After the match ended, Dybala then gave an explanation of the latest celebration.

“The first gesture pointing at the chin was for my partner because we saw it in a film and it was a sign of love,” Dybala told Sky Sports Italia.

Other Body Gestures

Not only that, but Dybala also showed other celebrations that resembled military respect. The celebration itself was aimed at his teammate, Merih Demiral, who was from Turkey.

“For Demiral, he is a fun person and it is just a joke between us in the dressing room. There is no special message behind it,” he concluded.

So far, Dybala has always scored in the last three Juventus matches. Fans hope he can continue that positive trend when he meets Sassuolo in the upcoming Serie A match this weekend.

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