Jose Mourinho greets Jurgen Klopp after the Liverpool vs MU duel ends

Ferdinand revealed one of Mourinho’s fatal mistakes at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho managed to donate several important achievements to Manchester United. Unfortunately, his journey with the club nicknamed the Red Devils did not end smoothly.

As is known, the man from Portugal contributed the Europa League title in his inaugural season at Old Trafford. The incision then brought Manchester United back to the prestigious European arena, the Champions League.

In the following season, he failed to present the trophy. But his achievements can not be underestimated. Mourinho successfully helped Manchester United become runner-up in two events, namely the Premier League and FA Cup.

Manchester United chose to trust Mourinho again in the 2018/19 season, but only until December. After being defeated by Liverpool, Mourinho was kicked out and replaced by club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Mourinho’s Fatal Mistake

The moment has passed almost a year, and Mourinho has now become Tottenham’s coach. But there are still people who bring it up to public space. Rio Ferdinand is one of them.

The former Manchester United player has an analysis of why Mourinho and his former club cannot go on any longer. According to him, Mourinho had made a fatal mistake by showing his frowning face.

“The players are tired of the coach’s charisma and how they promote themselves to the public. I think his body language is very negative,” Ferdinand told BT Sports.

Different from the past

In fact, in the past, Ferdinand did not have a bad view of Mourinho when he first saw him at Chelsea. He even claimed to like hearing his words during the press conference process.

“When I first saw Mourinho he was at a rival club [Chelsea] but I liked seeing him on TV. You will listen to him at a press conference and it becomes a box office,” he added.

“You are happy to hear him speak. He is very broad-minded, and there is a spark from him. Then suddenly everything turns out to be very sad, gloomy, and angry,” he concluded.

Now Mourinho no longer looks like a grumpy figure. He was seen smiling often, including when attending a Tottenham press conference. The result Tottenham also managed to reap two important victories in the Premier League and Champions League.

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