Juventus player Paulo Dybala

This is Dybala’s feeling after scoring fantastic goals for Juventus

Paulo Dybala became a Juventus star in the Champions League group phase continued action on Wednesday (11/27/2019). The mere puppet goal he created made the Bianconeri beat one of his rivals, Atletico Madrid.

The match which was held at the Allianz Stadium went quite fierce. Juventus appeared more dominant and controlled almost the entire course of the first half.

However, disciplined Los Rojiblancos backline makes it difficult for the host to score goals. Dybala went on to break the deadlock through his free-kick goal in the first-half injury time.

Dybala’s free-kick position itself is actually not an area that allows scoring goals. But the bloody Argentine man still dared to fire hard which produced the Bianconeri’s winning goal.

Dybala’s feelings

The goal is to make Dybala as the man of the match in this match. Although he did not play in full because it was replaced by Gonzalo Higuain in the second round.

After the match was over, he had the opportunity to meet with the media crew to talk about his goal. He said that goals like that were not easy to make because the level of difficulty was very high.

“It was a good goal because it was in a difficult position, the angle was very tight, there were many players in front of me,” Dybala told Sky Sport Italia.

Be More Courageous Take Risk

On the same occasion, Dybala also praised the overall performance of the team, especially in the first round. According to him the team played very nicely and made him feel happy.

“The team performed a very good game, especially in the first half, and we are happy to win,” added the man who is often nicknamed ‘La Joya’.

“I feel in good condition, I try to give my best and a little more courage to take risky actions, everything is going well for me and I want to use it well,” he concluded.

Victory over Atletico Madrid made Juventus successfully lock the top position in Group D. After this, they will return to action in Serie A with Sassuolo as their opponents.

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